About Me

I’m a software developer living in Ottawa. I like to work on challenging applications that solve real problems for lots of people. I like business and I have a degree in Finance and Economics from Saint Mary’s University. In my undergrad I co-founded an instructional poker training website named LeggoPoker (later acquired by Ivey League). I enjoy competitive strategy games like Starcraft, Poker, Catan, and occasionally Chess.

Professionally, I try to write high quality and testable computer code that adheres to the SOLID principles. I think that business value is the top priority. My job is to know how to balance code quality and development speed in an attempt to maximize business value.

I enjoy the PHP community, and I try to get involved in open source projects when I can. I am a member of the London PHP Meetup user group. I am also a bit of a Symfony fan-boy.

I specialize in the server-side development of Application Programming Interfaces and web-based applications; and I have a particular interest in HTTP caching, application caching, automated testing, and software architecture. I am also proficient in (and try to remain on the forefront of) JavaScript and other client-side web development technologies.

You can look into me at GitHub or view my Twitter account. You can also view my Stack Overflow profile or visit my LinkedIn profile if you want to get in touch.